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When Jerry Lewis or Tati “criticize” modern life, they don’t have the complacency, the vulgarity to show us ugly things. What they criticize and, they show as beautiful, as magnificent: they love what they criticize and give it a new beauty. Their critique is only the more forceful. In every modernity and every novelty, you find conformity and creativity; an insipid conformity, but also “a little new music”; something in conformity with the time, but also something untimely – separating the one from the other is the task of those who know how to love, the real destroyers and creators of our day. Good destruction requires love.”

“If you don’t admire something, if you don’t love it, you have no reason to write a word about it. Spinoza or Nietzsche are the philosophers whose critical and destructive powers are without equal, but this power always springs from affirmation, from joy, from a cult of affirmation and joy, from the exigency of life against those who would mutilate and mortify it. For me, that is philosophy itself."

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