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Anything still on your to-do list?

I always wanted to publish a list of the clients who donít pay.

Itís a lousy practice. Do you think thereís more of it going on, and if so, why?

These men are sloshing around with millions and millions, and they are arrogant and they think they can get away with anything, and through the years they pretty much have.

Whatís the definition of luxury for this crowd?

Weíre still in a period of heavy consumption, because the appetite is still there, but now itís sort of underground. Once they have the four houses and the jet ó at least one ó and they have the yacht and the art collection, then what do they do? I canít say that this is the trend that it was shaping up to be before the recession, but the next thing I think is philanthropy. Because the rest is basically things, and things arenít enough.

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