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reality tv notes


the 40's-50's - of the shows listed, only allen funt's ambush comedy project candid camera fit my definition

the 60's-70's - Seven Up!, Warhol films, An American Family - good examples

Chuck Barris: The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and The Gong Show - only the gong show counts. this is an exception to my game shows dont count rule.

the 80's-90's - COPS, The Real World, Americas Funniest Home Videos - prime examples

"...the producers of The Real World have stated that their direct inspiration was An American Family."

the 2000's - of all listed only: Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Documentary Style

Special Living Environment and Celebs dont count except anna nicole smith and the osbornes, also the one with flav a flav. sorry rev run, no go.

Occupational is close to Instructional. none listed count. see below.

Competitive and Game Shows dont count

Dating, Job Search, Sports dont count

Self Improvement/Makeovers dont count

Renovation - AH HA!!! i will broaden this to instructional, which begins with wgbh's 1963-73 the french chef. Russell Morash worked with julia childe and went on to produce the victory garden (1975-present) and this old house (1979-present) also for wgbh boston. this is the core of instructional or how-to reality tv.

Social, Dating, Talk, Hidden Camera (as here defined), Supernatural, Hoaxes - dont count

Prior elements in popular culture - good examples provided

also informing reality tv is documentary film (predating 1900 to present) and its subset cinema verite. both support my interpretation of good rtv.

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