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It's the "Taliesin Palette" of colors that Wright designed in collaboration with Martin-Senour Paints, with production beginning in 1955. In searching the net further I discovered a reference to Martin-Senour producing the same palette as recently as 1997. I placed a call to Martin-Senour and found out that their agreement with the Foundation ended around 10 years ago - so it's no longer in production. I asked if they would/could do something similar to what Pittsburgh Paints had done (i.e. - tell me how to get equivalent paint chips to their FLW palette, even though they were no longer licenced to produce it). The woman at Martin-Senour was very helpful and eventually faxed me a list that showed the comparable colors from the Taliesin Palette to those in Martin-Senour paints. There were 36 colors in the 1955 palette that somehow had morphed into 40 by 1997. She said there was one possible problem, though, in trying to match the FLW palette to Martin-Senour colors: beginning in 2007, the company had begun a change-over of their entire color palette and no longer would be producing paint chip-equivalents of the the Taliesin Line. Her suggestion to me was to call my local Martin-Senour paint store rep and ask if they had any fan-chips (multiple chips in one strip) left over from their previous palette - the Designer's Palette. I called - and they did. I drove over and with the help of the store rep was successful in matching up about 85- 90% of the entire palette with what was still available from the Designer's Palette chips.

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