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Mumyoi Yaki is a traditional craft of Sado Island (佐渡島) in the Nigata prefecture (新潟県). Sado Island used to produce huge quantity of gold. Most Japanese associate Sado Island with its gold mine. The Sado gold mine not only produces gold, but also siliver and the most importantly red clay that contains a very high percentage of natural minerals granule. A long time ago, the red clay collected from the gold mine was used as a medicinal concoction. It was applied to the wound to prevent from bleeding.

In 1819, a man by the name of Ito Kanbei (伊藤甚平) began making Raku Ware (楽焼) using the by-product of the gold mine. In 1857, the pottery in Sado Island was further developed by Ito Tomitaro (伊藤富太郎). At that time, red clay was partially used. It was mixed with other clays in order to get a specific character of Raku Yaki.

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