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In the early 1960s, after his collaboration with Jean Tinguely, Klüver began a long association with Roberg Rauschenberg. Their first collaboration was a work entitled, Dry Cell (1963). Dry Cell combined silkscreens, ink, and paint on plexiglass, as well as metal, string, sound transmitter, wire, circuit board, motor and batteries. An interactive work, Dry Cell engaged the audience in an exchange, a dialog between human and machine, in which the viewers are invited to talk or make other sounds into a microphone on the face of the work. In response, a small propellerlike piece of metal begins to rotate.

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Rauschenberg produced this work in collaboration with engineers Harold Hodges and Per Biorn. It was shown in 1964 as part of the "For Eyes and Ears" exhibition at the Cordier and Ekstrom Gallery in New York.

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