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Red ochreóFe2O3óis a simple compound of iron and oxygen that absorbs yellow, green and blue light and appears red. Itís what†makes red paint red. Itís really cheap because itís really plentiful. And itís really plentiful because of nuclear fusion in dying stars. Sunger explains:

The only thing holding the star up was the energy of the fusion reactions, so as power levels go down, the star starts to shrink. And as it shrinks, the pressure goes up, and the temperature goes up, until suddenly it hits a temperature where a new reaction can get started. These new reactions give it a big burst of energy, but start to form heavier elements still, and so the cycle gradually repeats, with the star reacting further and further up the periodic table, producing more and more heavy elements as it goes. Until it hits 56. At that point, the reactions simply stop producing energy at all; the star shuts down and collapses without stopping.
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