digital camo

canadian digital camo


- bill 1-12-2006 2:49 am

I guess it had to happen, with all those Keyboard Kommandos playing paintball on weekends.
- tom moody 1-12-2006 2:53 am [add a comment]

i noticed it tonight on a body armor segment on the news hour.

- bill 1-12-2006 2:57 am [add a comment]

digital camo. its out there

- bill 1-12-2006 3:05 am [add a comment]

hot (still channeling Matthew McConnaughey)
- tom moody 1-12-2006 3:34 am [add a comment]

dig camo ipod nano covers

- bill 1-12-2006 7:51 am [add a comment]

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