plug it in

- bill 5-21-2009 2:03 pm

in this thread i will publish notes on why i have chosen to model my practice after carl andrea and not dan flavin. i must say i do love being in the presence of dan flavins work (and much other work requiring power cords) but found i had to make a conscious decision to not create "plug in" work which i would argue is existing "in service" to con-ed and by extension the oppressive System at large. further i would argue that works which "plug in" are on artificial respiration of sorts and go precariously into dormancy during black out power failure conditions and would die in an apocalyptic scenario. a valid painting (although arguably dead already) would continue to be alive in said condition. i dont intend to discredit all work that "plugs in," its just not for me. its not my practice.

- bill 5-21-2009 2:14 pm [add a comment]

some important things that dont plug-in:

sun dial
hour glass
hand tools
crystal set radio
barometer and goethe's device
mainspring or ballast driven clock
oil lamp
skate board / surf board
kite / hang glider
wind mill

- bill 5-26-2009 8:32 pm [add a comment]

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