tom moody is guest blogging at AFC and yes there are a lot of new rules.

- bill 6-28-2010 5:10 pm

From past experience no one will follow the rules and we'll end up with the same old confused swamp of un-chronological comments. People can give me a thumb's up down now and rate my comments, one by one--I'm so excited.
- tom moody 6-28-2010 7:20 pm [add a comment]

comments. they're back! have fun, good post so far.
- bill 6-28-2010 7:43 pm [add a comment]

I'm glad you think so. My comment scores are so bad relative to the Truitt camp that I had to post a comment saying that negative scores were good because they indicated bucking of conventional wisdom. It's depressing though. If I had those little hands I would never have even started down the comment trail back in '01.
- tom moody 6-28-2010 11:50 pm [add a comment]

thumbs up
- bill 6-29-2010 1:45 pm [add a comment]

I can see how it could become annoying but I might like to start using the thumb system in real life conversations.
- jimlouis 6-29-2010 2:39 pm [add a comment]

I find that a middle finger is much more eloquent.
- L.M. 6-29-2010 3:08 pm [add a comment]

bad news for gladiators.
- bill 6-29-2010 4:41 pm [add a comment]

The Deity heard my prayers and spam-virused the new comment system on the second day of guest blogging. It took a couple of days to migrate comments back to the old, moderated, thumbless system. Without the those little hands and their death of a thousand cuts, it was back to "hear me roar" for me.
- tom moody 7-03-2010 2:30 pm [add a comment]

whos undervalued? SDP: stella and fischl.

btw, truitt is well discussed in james meyers 2001 book minimalism art and polemics in the 60s. especially pages 63-74. her negative reaction to morris's grey work (page 70.) is classic.
- bill 7-03-2010 3:08 pm [add a comment]

There's just not enough Stella work to go around!
- tom moody 7-03-2010 3:16 pm [add a comment]

i added a truitt link in my edited comment above.
- bill 7-03-2010 3:26 pm [add a comment]

the index can almost be read in the "click to look inside" feature at amazon. happy to have a hard copy (with a soft cover) of this fine book.

- bill 7-03-2010 4:11 pm [add a comment]

I haven't read Meyer's book. I looked at the Truitt pages on Google--glad to see I wasn't winging it too much in my assessment of her. I told that commenter I wanted to stop but may go back and add a comment about the Truitt-Morris encounter. I think it completely backs up what I was saying. I thought I had the critical conventional wisdom on Truitt (that she was sentimentalizing a style of work that got tougher throughout the '60s) but that dogged commenter was making it sound like I my view was "way out there" or something. A lot of my reading was just based on looking at the work (or not wanting to look at the work) and not anecdotes such as Meyer supplies.
- tom moody 7-03-2010 5:38 pm [add a comment]

i thought it backed up your position as you were presenting it. id already read that chapter. so, good intuit. perhaps you can reference it in a parting summary post. im really crazy about that book for all the historic anecdotal too and fro. note also chapter 7 includes "the case for truitt: minimalism and gender" pgs 222 - 228. ( greenberg's case that is - not read it yet.)

as for putting a big nyc show together for her. why not, but its still subject to the "conventional wisdom" critique. under rated or under valued? the latter perhaps.

- bill 7-03-2010 8:28 pm [add a comment]

I added a comment about the Meyer and may do a last post on that and some Pardo stuff that came up. Yeah--that's the problem with all these big-gallery signifiers. The conventional wisdom is Truitt is "minor" but Marks' commitment of that much turf spells major. It doesn't matter that no one has anything new to say about the work.
- tom moody 7-03-2010 8:49 pm [add a comment]

WWSDPD. let me know if you dont know what that means.
- bill 7-03-2010 8:52 pm [add a comment]

Got it. But - Wait a minute - what am I saying? In a month there will be an Artforum piece (prob. by Meyer) saying that Truitt's position needs to be reevaluated based on this show and "the case for truitt: minimalism and gender." Mark my words - it will happen.
- tom moody 7-03-2010 8:55 pm [add a comment]

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