"The flatness of a painting is one of the manifestations of the unequivocal expression of line and colour. Colour is not independent of line any more. Line is the border of colour. Colour does not flow over the line. It is linked with and dependent on it; it creates a unity. To eliminate duality in one direction leads to the elimination of another duality: the duality of the flat surface of the canvas with the voluminal form of shapes painted on the canvas. The painting, developing towards total homogeneity, should be a result of its innate data (flat surface and the quadrangle of its limits). (...) No matter whether in Cubism of the last period, or in Suprematism, or Mondrian's Neoplasticism - surfaces are flat, but the whole is not yet flat. The painter still looks for contrasts, when he paints in a flat way, but he does not understand what consequences this should lead to. (...) The painting should be homogenous and flat. The dramatic quality of Baroque should be opposed by the Unism of painting ." *8
reading strzeminski

y-a bois pg 123
donajski's digital library

- bill 7-09-2010 1:53 pm

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