radiant child inside-outsider

- bill 7-21-2010 1:05 pm

factoid: the film maker mentioned that julian schnabel painted all the JMB paintings used in his movie. which is confirmed here. but contested in the comment thread: " Point of fact-- Schnabel did not paint the paintings in the movie, at least not all of them. I know because a friend of mine-- a brilliant painter in his own right-- worked on the movie, and on at least some of the paintings. Years after the movie was made there was a retrospective/celebratory gathering of the people who made it. My friend (whose name I am not mentioning out of respect since he has a truly artistic temperament and is very shy) snuck in the back but was brought up front and acknowledged for his work. As to what happened to the paintings, I'm not sure, but I could ask him if you want. "
- bill 7-21-2010 6:26 pm [add a comment]

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