1400 easton
1400 Easton Rd, Kintnersville, PA $375,000 July 21, 2010 by Joe Leone Leave a Comment 5100 Sf Mixed Use Commercial Property in Durham Twp on busy Route 611. Three commercial storefronts on first floor. Storefront #1 consists of 1885 sf with Roll Up side door and formally used as antique store. Storefront #2 Consists of 600 sf currently vacant, Storefront #3 consists of 560 sf and is vacant. Second Floor consists of 1800 sf 3 BR apartment. Zoned PC-1. AS of Right Uses include Restaurant, Retail, Service Business, Financial Establishment, Veterinary Clinic, Auto Repair, Car Wash, Offices, Medical Offices, Motel / Hotel, Community Center, Commercial School, Manufacturing, Wholesale Business, Truck Terminal, Auto Sales & Nursery. Conditional Uses include Kennel, Mini Market, Amusement Hall, and Professional Studios. Special Exception Uses include Tavern & Adult Commercial Use. Located on Route 611 (Easton Rd) Property is adjacent to Delaware River Canal. Triangular shaped Site. Parcel is in 100 Year Flood Plain. Close to Routes 212, 412, I-78

- bill 8-14-2010 12:12 pm

this link has good links to street view and birds eye. built in 1945 out of concrete block and cement floors. it looks like a gas station or truck depot, but i think it was a bus station. funky mid century terminal feel. feet to the canal, yards to the delaware river. good traffic for the 3 retail units. 1st floor high ceilings. 1800 sf owners apartment on 2nd floor. in the 100 year flood plane though. i think would take a flood though. no worse for the wear and tear from recent high water. just hose her down and let her dry out. plenty of parking for the mobile BBQ wagon out front.
- bill 8-16-2010 7:22 pm [add a comment]

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- bill 8-16-2010 7:40 pm [add a comment]

reduced to 299k
- bill 11-17-2010 3:40 pm [add a comment]

reduced to $275.00k / pics
- bill 3-11-2011 3:57 pm [add a comment]

offer 200
- Skinny 3-11-2011 3:58 pm [add a comment]

reduced to $250k
- bill 5-01-2011 7:25 pm [add a comment]

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