johns and the security envelope patterns

- bill 9-13-2010 2:43 pm

This simple motif, today protecting our commercial security and personal privacy, is already widespread in art. Jasper Johns was famously inspired to paint his well-known cross-hatch works either by Edvard Munch’s self-portrait,[1] a painted tree,[2] or a painted truck,[3] depending whom you consult, the abundance of likely stories proving how widespread the motif is. The Rarrk London festival of Fall 2007 was not only dedicated to the cross-hatch works of aboriginal artists, but took its name from the aboriginal word for cross-hatching. Samuel Namunjdja (b. 1965) for example presented a series of Johns-like works in red ochre on bark (e.g., Gungura, 2007). This basic idea is obviously both universal and popular.
- bill 9-13-2010 2:46 pm [add a comment]

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