Drive north through Marin County, past Petaluma on Route 101, exit onto Railroad Avenue and right onto Old Redwood Highway. Small farm lots, old barns and sheds, prickle hedges and honeysuckle. “It’s not a commune,” says Jay Baldwin, coming out to greet us, but it is a shining hill that rises to the west from Penngrove Valley with seven tiers of chicken coops restored by old hippies and student squatters.

- bill 4-17-2018 8:55 am

I could not find the page you requested.

- steve 4-17-2018 9:04 am [add a comment]

maybe this

- Skinny 4-17-2018 10:12 am [add a comment]

yes, thats it skin, thx. The link is now fixed.

- bill 4-17-2018 10:55 am [add a comment]

So what's the deal with domes in retrospect? My impression is that they were conceptually/rhetorically powerful but didn't really pan out in practice..?

- alex 4-17-2018 8:14 pm [add a comment]

the hippie domes leaked. the technology is now in place to fix that, but no desire. I think when adults have children they tend to to switch to conventional (non absolute open plan) lifestyles. I'm looking at quonset huts with interest.
- bill 4-18-2018 7:04 am [add a comment]

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