i think the catcher in the rye reference is apt. your contempt hatred for all things Apple is certainly real. it appears you would consider the world a better place with out it.

you make it personal when you indite the users who choose mac over ms. you call them "believers" and "a cult". you deem them elitist. those are loaded terms. this could all be quite funny but its clear your as serious as cancer.

as an avid sci-fi (books and film) enthusiast, prog-rock playing, synth composing, new media artist and arbitrator you have embraced technology based arts. its lost on no one that you revel in a hands on techie approach to the infinitely customizable ms world. you have honed your skills on ms. you have stated: "I think it's important for artists to poke around outside any wall-to-wall creative environment, to not completely trust it, since someone else created it for you." one could analogize that to scolding a novice painter for using paint straight out of the tube. not mixing his own colors. using what they give you. you require more individual input from the artist i imagine. an artist should drive a stick-shift car not one with an automatic transmission. i get it!!! what i dont get is that you need to trash users who have another set of reasons for choosing otherwise. i think your choice speaks for itself and its admirable. you loose credibility when you crusade for a single truth or vision in computer use.

i think you will find the users of this site (dmt) to be divided close to 50 50 mac to pc. the mac users may be enthusiastic for the brand but not myopically so. and not in a mean spirited way. claiming you cant get a fair break here is really quite insulting. i think jim offered you a factoid about the history of drawing programs. its only a discussion, a platform for exchanging information. a room for clarifying preconceptions on both sides. its a two way street. we dont collectively bristle. one addresses a point of criticism as it comes. but debunking an erroneous cliche or calling out an oft repeated misconception is part of the reasoning process. its how contentious matters get resolved. how opposing views are reconciled. how the underlying truth is revealed. how a consensus is built. there is always ground given in this process. ground has been given on this side...

your final paragraph feels extrapolated out of the either. who are you quoting?

- bill 10-08-2009 2:51 pm

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