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Van Dyke Parks: wholesome charm at Primavera Sound

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In 1968, Charles Prior Hall, a furniture designer in California decided to create the world's most comfortable chair. Taking his cue from the very popular bean bag chairs of the time, Hall filled a large inflatible vinyl bag with 300 pounds of liquid corn starch and titled his creation "the Incredible Creeping Chair."

Unfortunately, he found that when he sat in it, he tended to sink so far into the chair that he felt he was being swallowed by it. He next tried to replace the liquid starch with Jell-O ™ which soon became lumpy and uncomfortable. Finally he abandoned his idea to develop a chair and filled a rectangular piece of vinyl with water and called his creation "the water bed" (so-named after the water-filled mattresses used for over 100 years for invalids.)

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2 pole barns $5k

must dismantle yourself
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billy box container

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soft market

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Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster

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the art of memory (minimal film music literature poetry art)

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worlds tallest filing cabnet

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a summer place (Made mostly of willow, dogwood, maple and birch)

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tom moody is guest blogging at AFC and yes there are a lot of new rules.

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1947 triumph 1900 roadster buy it now $7,950.00

TR1900 blog
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In 2003, Joyce Hatto became one of the most famous pianists in the world, thanks to a fraud hatched by her husband, William Barrington-Coupe.

It took years before the fraud was exposed, revealing how the music world had been hoodwinked with breath-taking audacity.

Featuring revealing interviews with some of the leading lights of the classical music world taken in by the scam, The Great Piano Scam unpicks Barrington-Coupe's astonishing masterplan, detailing how the industry and music lovers alike were conned into believing that a woman in her 70s had managed to record over 100 phenomenal CDs.
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House Design on Mountain Located at the Pyrenees by Cadaval & Sola-Morales

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The Mother In Law was opened by Ernie K-Doe and his wife Antoinette in 1994, Ernie used to sing their every Monday night until he passed away in 2001. Even in the August heat, Ernie's funeral was one of the greatest second line funeral processions in the history of New Orleans, maybe the last great one, it went from St. Louis Cemetery #2 (where someone donated a spot in their family crypt for Ernie's remains) to the Mother In Law. Ernie's widow, Antoinette K-Doe kept the place going after Ernie's passing, even though the place flooded up to the second floor after Katrina. Unfortunately Antoinette died Mardi Gras day 2009 (Mardi Gras day is hell on bar owners who have been up all the previous night with Lundi Gras parties and after parties, not to mention the madness that follows the Saturday Endymion parade and the parades all day Sunday and Monday night. By Mardi Gras morning every bar worker in town is ready to drop dead. I've always wondered why more bar owners don't drop dead on Mardis Gras. I sure felt like it the last time I worked one. Miss Antoinette, as she was known, had her own Mardi Gras Krewe- the Baby Dolls, reviving a tradition that went back to the Storyville Days. After Antoinette's death, her daughter Betty Fox tried to keep the place going, but after a car ran through the front door last month (putting Ms. Fox in the hospital), it all got to be too much and she decided to pack it in.

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ray johnson three


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The ultraquiet Nissan Leaf battery car will produce a synthesized sound to warn blind people and other pedestrians, but the driver can turn it off. The on-off feature has caused some consternation among advocates for the blind. But the very existence of this new addition to the standard traffic cacophony has also raised the hackles of another community — anti-noise activists.

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offending the audience

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obscura antiques east 10th nyc

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ruins in the hudson / scout ny

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rose murphy the best things in life

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something for everybody

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carl plansky

I first met Carl over a sales counter at the David Davis’s art supply store then on LaGuardia Place in the early 1970s where he was working. I think he was recharging his batteries after Joan. Carl and I talked freely over that counter, mostly about art materials but sometimes about David Davis’s bad breath from the beans he always ate for lunch or maybe about the hooded figure who worked for David in the basement, who seemed to be able to cross a room from shadow to shadow without moving his feet. But mostly, I listened to the vastness of Carl’s knowledge and experience with oil paint. Old Holland and Blockx were still around and they were the best paints. Carl had a way of revealing his knowledge in such a casual, generous, and totally unpretentious way. He would say, “Well, you could do that, but maybe try this and see if it doesn’t work a little better.” Everything he suggested I did and yes, it did work better.
williamsburg oil paints

soho art materials / stretchers and panels

amien - artists materials information and education

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