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Wharton Esherick and The Birth of The American Modern
at the Kamin Gallery and Kroiz Gallery of the Architectural Archives,
University of Pennsylvania.
September 7, 2010–February 13, 2011

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Jersey City Councilman Mariano Vega, one of the 46 people arrested in last summer's massive New Jersey corruption sting, resigned his seat today.

The resignation comes just one business day after the city would have been required to hold a special election in November to fill the remainder of his term.

Instead, the council will now have the opportunity to appoint someone to the at-large spot.

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johns and the security envelope patterns

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ginsberg the photographer

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new gysin book

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the whole gang is here

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japanese cedar tubs

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map ur moves

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the big uneasy

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manilla mat



american blasting mats

mazzella blasting mats

best blasting mats

nu-roads blast mats

reliable blast mats

four star blasting mats

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Harold Rosenberg Was Not an Art Historian, Catherine Spaeth

More on Harold Rosenberg, Tom Moody

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the bakers island ma paradox

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also via stdpm
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Steely Dan "Any Major Dude" Record Plant Sessions

via stronger than than dirt pete moss fb
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cargo net

camo scaffold net jute net long bed more net lift group
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self edge (rivington) via rivet head via reference lib

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can-can house

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Put up or shut up

Boycott Koch Products

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Former ELO cellist killed in freak car accident

was crazy for elo in the day. saw them w/ miami cousins summer '73 at wpb sportatorium. edgar winter opened w/ frankenstein tour lineup - via ree
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Michel-Étienne Turgot (1690–1751) was prévôt des marchands de Paris ("Master of the merchants of Paris", i.e. Mayor of Paris) from 1729 to 1740. His name is associated to one of the most famous maps of Paris, the ""Plan de Turgot" or "Plan Turgot", a detailed bird-eye view of Paris realized by Louis Bretez from 1734 to 1739

copy / more paris maps
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courts hacket skull ring

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ladies and germs the rolling stones

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museum of useful things

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how much is enough station to station?

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