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Umberto Riva

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Bird baths

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nettle fabric

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element sets

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Drop Shadow Lettering

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Gunny sack history Via India/ Australia trade. 

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Jute, Sisal or Abaca 

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Measure the width and length of the sample in inches with a measuring tape. Multiply those two numbers together. If you want to figure the ounces per normal square yard, divide the result by 1,296. If you want to figure the ounces per 36-by-29-inch square, divide the result by 1,044.

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Coconut cup

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checkers for sale. I recently saw a checker four door converted to a two door pickup truck. 
but the one I saw went straight down behind the door frame. I think it would look better with that fixed triangle side window and curved rear window. I also like the station wagon marathons as well and as is. 

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Cast iron nesting bowls from India

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storage solutions 

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felt like I needed one of these Judd posters

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Comunity Rifton ride on crane

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next project, I'm dong an adult scale version.

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optic fiber 

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lab stands and clamps

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sewing supplies from Portlandia

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Moynihan station NYC

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hinge from hardware source

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highest rated rechargeable solar flashlight

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custom (your name here) yardsticks

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