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one of my close pals sent me this

Had dinner last night at Da Silvano - because Bar Pitti was packed - and ordered an appetizer that I was really looking forward to, fried zucchini flowers. They were not good. Mostly batter with something unidentifiable inside, no flavor, and only four of them for $14.50. Of course they were so disappointing that you wouldn't have wanted more on the plate. It was kind of shocking. I thought that when the waiter came back and asked how everything was I would tell him that the dish was really bad, but he never came to the table and asked. A different server came and took the plates away. I make zucchini flowers at home and believe me, mine would blow away Da Silvanos's sorry, doughy disasters.

- Skinny 5-13-2009 4:37 pm [link] [add a comment]