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If anyone goes to Oaxaca i have a locals' restaurant list (only 33% are in the guide-book we have)......with our Kid Crew we cant get to them all but here are some he listed...

Teatro Culinario: Molecular gastronomy Oaxaca style. Prob one of the best culinary experiences in my life. No menu's must have reservation.

Itanoni: Owned by an agronomist recognized by Slow Foods for his passionate work presenting tastings of select un-hybridized corn and veggies from diverse regions.

Yu Ne Nisa: Isthmus region cooking, try gugheguina, armadilo soup and iguana tamales.

I hear Mexican foodies come to eat in Oaxaca from all over Mexico....
- Skinny 11-18-2009 5:48 pm [link] [3 comments]