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sea urchin risotto?? well we were sent it out the other day at feledia, not bad....
i did lunch there and dinner with 5 dishes at 71 clinton fresh foods in between....rumor is i ate and drank to much cause i pasta'd out with hiccops sounding like a hippo and linda had to head to the couch after punching me in the gut...another day in paradise!!
- Skinny 10-05-2002 8:52 pm [link] [3 comments]

i bought expensive fresh NY porcini at the market this am and while they were ok as a pasta sauce (butter, oil, parm chesse, pasley), we could not eat them all, so lets see if the cats will, rex 4 or 5 pieces, prisilla eat everyother one left and licked the bowl clean, she ate more than me.....she's purring taking a nap now
- Skinny 10-05-2002 8:45 pm [link] [7 comments]

Of late my three favorite dining experiences all happen to total under $10. I have been cooking at home most nights out of a general weariness with restaurants (this might have something to do with the fact that everyone I associate with can speak of nothing else as they are building one, and I feel like I have been swept up in some very dodgy cult that can’t quite dislodge itself from the birth canal, but also the fact that most eateries all seem a little disappointing. Much of the time something reductive happens on the way from the home kitchen to the restaurant kitchen—perhaps it’s as simple as volume, volume of customers, volume of food being prepared, and number of hands putting out a dish—and things just start to taste less). Apart from this culinary narcissim, economy and nutrition are also contributing factors. Why can’t you eat a big dish of delicious vegetables anywhere? But when not in the kitchen, I happily resort to these venues: Dumpling House at 118A Eldridge Street, where the visuals provided by the cooks are as delightful as the food (try the chives and pork fried dumpling, the sesame pancake with beef, or the chives and egg pancake). Dessert can then be had at the nearby Laboratorio del Gelato on Orchard. For simple but excellent Chinese take out (or eat it there) head to Golden Siu Sam Yuen at 5 Catherine Street (near Chatham Square and East Broadway) for their roast duck (or eel, or salt-baked chicken, or barbecued small pig, or ribs, or lobster) with rice and vegetables. When in the northern territories, two hot dogs with sweet relish and a mango papaya drink from Gray’s Papaya at 2090 Broadway and 73rd, can result in a person feeling deeply contented.
- rachael 10-05-2002 8:10 pm [link] [8 comments]

ny times magazine duz clinton street. quite a dewey-eyed tribute.
- dave 10-05-2002 4:30 pm [link] [add a comment]

Argintinian dinner at Ripe

Bacalao stuffed poblano pepper with corn broth

Grilled hearts of lamb, watercress, dried mango, and toasted almonds with a sherry vinaigrette

Matambre - rolled painted hills flank steak stuffed with black kale, hard cooked egg, onion, and oregano

New potatoes

Tres leche


Don miguel gascou 2001 malbec mendoza argantina

bodega jacgres + francois lurten 2002 mendoza
valle de uco
pinot gris

layunta torrontes 2001
famaatina valley
la rioja - argentina

The Bacalao stuffed pepper and corn broth soup was amazing. So was the flank steak.

The salad was great. But the lamb heart was so finely sliced, tender that it was practically un-noticable. I guess subtle is the word. I could take it or leave it. The dried mango and almonds were my fave touch.

I loved the wines, the dessert was nice too.

All is served family style so second and third helpings on wine and food (not dessert) if you want.

Special dinner that night so price was double the usual: $40 plus tip. I love this place.

- steve 10-04-2002 8:36 pm [link] [1 ref] [2 comments]

email from Ripe

>What is Ripe and why are they bothering me?
>ripe is:
>a small local company that to date is best know for its
>family style dinners called "family supper",
>we are also well established caterers, and at present have a few new
>A. family supper
>In march 2001 we began a series of informal dinners held in our home
>twice monthly for around twenty guests, after serving over 700 guests
>in our living room, we moved to our new location on N interstate,
>expanding our concept into a restaurant,
>for lack of a better word...
>since march 2002 we have been serving up to 45 diners,
>3 nights a week in our spacious open kitchen...
>all our guests arrive at the same time and sit together at three
>long woodentables
>there are no waiters, just cooks bringing out large platters of food
>and earthenware pots to be passed and eaten family style...
>there is only one menu per week, though we encourage people to alert us to
>dietary restrictions in advance.
>The price of the meal is $20/per person + gratuity
>dessert is available for $5
> everyone receiving this email is invited to attend one of our suppers
>dinner is served
>every wednesday, thursday and friday
>at 7:30
>b. cake
>we are beginning a new division of our off-premise business with "cake"
>special order desserts and pastries by mandy groom, formerly the executive
>pastry chef
>of zefiro and bluehour

>c. gotham bldg coffee shop
>we have just opened a humble coffee shop and lunch place on the corner of
>interstate and albina, featuring pastries by cake and food by ripe... open
>m-f 7-5
>call 503.493.2646 for more info

>(family supper is featured in
>better homes and garden this month pg 37 - 42)
>family supper Dates
>open dates
>booked dates
>what is ripe and why are they bothering me?
>open dates
>27th (just had someone cancel 8 seats. let me know asap)
>midnight supper 18th
>tentative: Native seeds day of the dead benefit 10/31 $50
>midnight supper 15th
>tentative : wine dinner november 16th
>*october 9th and 10th are benefit dinners for community advocates
>(child abuse and domestic violence prevention) call 280-1388 for
>booked dates

- steve 10-04-2002 8:14 pm [link] [2 comments]