So, due to some sort of security breach, our virtually wooden computer cracked into the Momofuko Ko rest. zone and snagged two spots for last night....I was clicking away on their site like a fucking Rhesus monkey to confirm and all, given the stress that ensues when dealing with their system....After I calmed down only then it dawned on me that I had to figure out how the hell I was going to pay for this...Anyway, would have to say was totally worth it...I don't know, maybe I don't get out much, but this was pretty great. Ten or so courses, best maybe first 6- vibrant fresh sushi/crudo items, tiny amazing oyster (dont ask what kind) came first..Then various little tortelliini w/duck in pretty crazy salty broth which worked best w/intense basil leaves,,,def too salty on own, but had it all anyway...great torn pasta w/snail&something sausage and crispy chicken skin, raw fluke w/buttermilk poppyseed combo, now classics (I guess) soft cooked egg w/caviar and tiny chips, sweet ass onions...& the shaved foie thing delivered for sure...then some duck be continued...
- Michelle S 2-10-2010 8:07 pm

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