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War News for Today. From the Today in Iraq blog. Each item is preceded there by the phrase "Bring 'em on," a pissed-off reminder that all this carnage is happening because of one determined and barely adult man (and many misguided enablers such as the "liberal hawk" contingent, who egged on the war). This is reposted here because the regular media would have you believe the California fires are "today's top story," rather than a frighteningly organized offensive that caused our troops to actually vacate their headquarters. In military terms this is called losing ground, despite the administration's attempt to spin it as victory. Sorry to be a politiical bore, but I think all this needs to be documented and discussed as much as possible. I get as numb as you probably do hearing all this disaster recited, and I think the bad guys want that (meaning our bad guys); nevertheless, not to recite it seems worse.

Two US soldiers wounded in firefight near Fallujah.

Two US soldiers wounded in bomb ambush near Balad. (Second-to-the-last paragraph of this story.)

US soldier killed, two wounded in mortar attack at Abu Gharib prison near Baghdad.

US troops reportedly open fire after bomb ambush in Fallujah. Four Iraqis killed.

Mortar rounds fired into US administration compound in central Baghdad.

Two US soldiers killed, two wounded in bomb ambush in Baghdad.

Suicide bomber kills 18 at Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad.

Ten wounded, including seven Iraqi policemen, in bombing at western Baghdad police station.

Suicide bomber wounds seven at Al-Shab police station in Baghdad.

Three Iraqi policemen killed, ten US soldiers wounded in bombing at Al-Elam police station in Baghdad's Khark district.

Al-Sayidah police station in Baghdad struck by car bomb.

- tom moody 10-28-2003 7:27 am [link] [11 comments]