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Copyright 2003 by Phil Austin

Plain Elementary School

Mon: Paper Stack; Boneless Burrito; Paste; Kitten on a Stick; Milkaroni

Tue: White Bread on Toast; Glass of Sugar; See-Through Lettuce; Liquid Milk

Wed: Sponge; Sugar Sandwich; Butter Plate; Cloth Pudding; Milk

Thu: Simple Pie; Banana Splat; Sugar Mound; Blanched Cookie; Milk

Fri: Diaper Surprise; Clear Peaches; Steamed Cereal Boxes; Sugar; Milk

Mystery Island School for Girls

Mon: Soft Eggs on a Mirror; Hard-boiled Hollow Birds; Handful of Tacos; Milk

Tue: Rack of Clever Hans; Whisked Apple Fly; Coronation Ham; Nylon Bunnies; Big Carton

Wed: Mystery Potato; Curd; Slippery Tart; Milk Pie; Leg Salad Sandwich; Clear Liquid

Thurs: Oysters Frightened by Chickens; Liver Mounds; Nest of Interesting Spiders; Mai Tai; Pack of Camels

Fri: Breast of Clam ala "Eddie"; Wieners in a Basket Under a Blanket; Teacher's Surprise; Milk

Earnest Boys Academy

Mon; Beef Throats; Smoked Leg; Hind Quarters; Gros Livers; Old-Fashioned Milk; Cigars

Tue: Flat Motor Pies; Fisherman's Regret; Loin of Fat; Stunned Ducks in Alcohol Sauce; Milk

Wed; Tart Bottoms; Slick Fritters; Breasts of Toast; Sweetbreads in Hand; Cuckoo Punch; Cigars; Milk

Thurs: Roast Puffins; Revenge Pudding; Pancakes in Water; Baked Salad; Ring of Fire; Milk

Fri; Ducklings ala Moron; Smothered Rodents; Closet Pie; Turbo Skeletons; Champagne; Brandies; Cigars; Milk

Willy Loman Public High School

Mon: Horse Butter Sandwiches; Hot Jello Salad; French Kisses; Curb Cake; Milk

Tue: Toads in Blanket in a Hole; Complicated Salad; Ice Bread; Lomax Pie; Milk Cocktail

Wed: Hat with Cheese; Insurance Salad; V6 Bread; Field Surprise; Milk

Thurs: Battered Vegetables; Wax Wrappers; Wallet and Raisin Salad; Adult Milkshake

Fri: Fried Chuck; Paper Salad; Responsibility Pie; White Dessert; Retirement Milk

Alternate Current Magnet School

Mon: Eco-Veggie Bar; Rainbow Krazy Krunch; Twig Sticks; Turkey Straws; Cow Milk

Tue: Helpless Nuggets with Sour Sauce; Gator Tots; Trial Mix; White Milk

Wed: False Rabbit Wedges; Farm Dip; Sloppy Joans; French Acid; Goat Milk

Thurs: Meatless Hot Creatures; Sweetened Cherries; Meltdown on a bun; Squares; Mother's Milk

Fri: Refried Fries; Early Dismissal Cup; Hemp Wheels; Party on a Bun; Dip; Sheep Milk

- tom moody 5-19-2004 9:51 am [link] [5 comments]