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The press has been ignoring Iraq since the fake transfer of power in June, but it's a slaughterhouse. According to an AP report cited on Juan Cole's site, four US soldiers died on Monday and Tuesday, bringing the total number of Americans killed since George Bush ordered the invasion to a total of 919. Robert Fisk, one of the few reporters telling the truth of what's happening there, describes a country on the verge of "implosion," with car bombings, kidnappings, murders of pro-US officials all on the rise (doctors and scientists also continue to be assassinated). The US has lost control of many cities and roads, but this is not being reported. Fisk also describes the manipulation of Saddam at his arraignment so he would appear disoriented on American TV--apparently he was lied to and told he was being taken to his execution.

Meanwhile, in the US, we keep getting bogus terror alerts such as this past weekend's, based on intelligence the government is now admitting dates back to before 9/11/01. I walked down Broadway south of Wall Monday afternoon and found it choked with media trucks with huge microwave antennas and helmet haired announcers doing their standup--they'd all converged to "report" on Homeland Security's non-terror-event, timed to spoil post-convention Democratic good will.

- tom moody 8-04-2004 6:41 pm [link] [add a comment]