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Okay, big props to Bill for guest-posting today. Definitely check out that "America heals" video he, I mean I posted on his page. It's funny and all because it's over the top kitsch but it makes me angry because I feel the whole red state response to 9/11 was so orchestrated by the media. (No offense to my friends in those states, I'm speaking of the monkeymass who supported the Iraq war.) 9/11 wasn't a war, it was a terrorist act by individuals, and everybody got all jacked up into Pearl Harbor mode. Pearl Harbor the movie flopped but this made the entertainment industry (including news outlets) quite a few bucks. Dave contrasts that schmaltzy video with Matt Freedman's twin towers pieces I just posted, cheekily suggesting that it's the former, not the latter, that will communicate the agony of the day to the greatest number, but I think the "crusty, unempathetic" New York art world has as much claim on the day--no, more--because they live here and went through it, as opposed to the millions who experienced it vicariously on the boob tube and then went into bombadier mode.

- tom moody 4-07-2005 1:54 am [link]