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Wormy Animation 16 - white

"Perhaps it is an American trait to respond with swift and overwhelming force when dealing with any perceived threat, but it would benefit us all if we attempt to understand those who 'threatened' us, encourage them to further explain their opinions and engage them in active, healthy and civil discussion. Shock & Awe clearly doesn't work. One of the beautiful things about this discussion group is the rigorous critical discourse generated by the diversity of its participants. If the guests choose to respond by dropping out or engaging in pissing contests or calling participants 'cunts'...well, there's always next month. It would be terrible if people felt unable to express sincere opinions here, for fear of offending or whatever. Artists censor themselves too often anyway, and that's the most dangerous censorship of all." (text from a recent listserv discussion added because I needed some filler to separate the graphics in this and the previous post)

[update - and no, I did not write this, I was on the, um, receiving end]

- tom moody 6-16-2005 8:11 pm [link] [add a comment]