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More on the Rove nonsense and left's sudden touching concern for the agency that brought you assassination plots and poisoned cigars. If every employee of that outfit was fired tomorrow and had to work at Burger King, would the country be better off? Worse off? I'd say better. Either they're sitting around Langley writing memos to the file or they're helping to spread corporate misery abroad--deposing democratically elected governments to put in someone more to the liking of...your boss. The cold war is over, and Islamofascism is a defense contractor-friendly canard. Where was the C1A on 9/11? Leaving it to you and me to deal with it. We all want Bush gone, but getting involved in the daily minutiae of the Washington pencil-pusher class is just nauseating--and pretty much a parlor game unless you have subpoena power and suspects in the dock. A majority of Americans have come to understand that Bush is a creep because of the Iraq dead, Schiavo, Social Security, and people like Michael Moore getting the truth out to a mass audience--no one cares about the he said she said of the Plame case. One day we bloggers are all chewing like rodents on the Downing Street memos, then--whoops, they weren't the answer, Bush didn't resign, so now we're chewing on the meaning of "covert." If you want to do something, show Fahrenheit 9/11 to some middle class Republicans--make'em watch that footage of Bush zoning out in the school and Bush calling the new robber barons his "base."

Update: Let's end this post on a less angry and class-baiting note--and I decided "our new robber barons" was a more subtle turn of phrase than, um, what was there originally--by noting that it was written before Bush inevitably changed the subject from RovePlame to the new Supreme Court nominee. If past practice is a guide, this should give us all a break from the center-left's unpacking of State Dept. memos, which has been going on for the last week in a manner recalling the 101st Fighting Keyboarders' intrepid "kerning analysis," which as we all know, blew the lid off Rathergate.

- tom moody 7-20-2005 2:46 am [link]