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Photos taken last night at Analogos, a program of all analog, abstract synth music at Diapason, on 6th Avenue. The program was billed as "a night of 'vintage' (and other) analog synthesis." Above, left to right: Michael J. Schumacher (Steiner-Parker Synthacon); Ed Tomney (EMS VCS3 "Putney," various), and David Galbraith (selfbuilt electronics). Performing but not pictured: Tom Hamilton (Sherman Filterbank). The piece they're playing conjured electronic jungle birds morphing into synthetic clattering traffic sounds; the perfomers listened attentively to each other as these moods changed, or so it seemed from where I was sitting. Also nice was a duet between Galbraith and Hamilton where the output from the former's homemade synth circuitry was fed live through the latter's filtering apparatus--a subtle, somewhat lyrical piece. A later trio between Tomney, Schumacher, and James Fei on Buchla synth was like being inside a tornado, with airborne Geiger counters zizzing around. (If I'm not mistaken it was the VCS3 producing those sublime hypnotic swooshing sounds.) And finally, a duet between Barry Weisblat (pictured below with homemade electronics) and Kato Hideki on Octave "Cat" synth and pedals provided the evening's rock and roll skronk notes, as Hideki "got down." This was a great evening, some beautiful, dense textures and not a MIDI clock to be heard--it was all voltages providing the rhythms.

analogos 2

- tom moody 6-15-2006 10:12 am [link] [3 comments]