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Jessica Ciocci 3

Another photo from the Jessica Ciocci show at Foxy Production. The orange cast is because this is taken inside a tent in the corner of the gallery--the lights are shining through various colored fabrics. I told Paper Radder Ben Jones that all the artists in the three-person collective are equally good, and I think they are, but this was my favorite of the Foxy shows, including their collaborative effort. It's the most materially sumptuous. I still don't agree with the gallery's decision to show the artists individually so soon, though. It's not like the Who, where you have Pete Townshend and John Entwistle solo albums or whatever. Or actually--you had a bunch of Who albums before the solo efforts started appearing. In any case, everyone knows and expects musicians to work as groups. The art world, however, still clings to the myth of the Leonardo-like solitary artist, moving culture forward in a single heroic leap. The most rad thing about Rad, to me, is their rejection of individuality cliches--who made what? Who cares? If you're a gallery you pound that message home. You don't immediately take your strongest artists and start presenting them the way everyone else presents their artists--as individual branded commodities. The power of the status quo is insanely huge. [/rant]

- tom moody 7-09-2006 12:03 am [link] [4 comments]