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Marcin Ramocki

Opening tonight at artMovingProjects, 166 N. 12 Street in Williamsburg from 7 to 9 pm, an exhibit by Marcin Ramocki, an artist previously discussed here. He directed the 8 BIT movie that is opening next month at the Museum of Modern Art. Aiming to "sabotage and displace the familiar context of the software interface," the exhibit includes Torcito Portraits, digital animations based on re-purposing the old Macintosh musical program Virtual Drummer, and Anti-Pharmakon, pictured above (photo courtesy artMovingProjects), an interactive installation composed of a treated computer keyboard, CPU and a wall projection. Further explanation will be forthcoming, once I actually see the work.

Also showing in the Project Space is Jillian McDonald's Zombie Makeup, a video documenting the day the artist rode the L train from one end to the other applying George Romero-ish zombie makeup to her face. As the artist says, "Instead of improving my features, like the woman who steadily applies makeup en route to work or play, I become gruesome."

Update: Anti-Pharmakon is an interactive sound piece. When you press a key on the actual keyboard, the corresponding key moves on the projected one, and a recorded sound issues from speakers in the gallery. The "sound bites" are single words or phrases uttered by popular or historical figures, listed here (scroll down)--for example, “significant progress” (Dick Cheney); “Arabs and Israelis” (Anwar Sadat); “the white men” (Malcolm X); and “life” (George W. Bush). The sounds overlap when multiple keys are pressed, created intermittent cacophony in the gallery, depending on how many are clicked at once.

- tom moody 9-08-2006 8:49 pm [link]