Thanks, that's a great answer (to M&MA--still reading your answer to me).
In support of Super Slow Tetris it's like a thought experiment. You almost don't need the piece, just the title.
It's a bit like John Simon's Every Icon. No one's going to watch it in real time--someone tells you what is happening and you have a mental picture.
It's true at some point someone has to write the "Y" algorithm to have your proof of concept, but it's less about "Y=slow down X to make Z" than a totality, or gestalt to use a fancy term: Super Slow Tetris. It would probably only work with Tetris, which is already kind of a grind and a timewaster--and one many people (who are not hackers) are familiar with, thus your universality.
- tom moody 6-08-2007 5:51 am

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