With the exception of the overt pun of "Colors," using the film of the same name as source material, I had a lot of difficulty for finding any solid conceptual ties with the original material and the resultant pieces produced. To expand on Paddy saying, "the content is subservient to the technology": Maybe Cory was attempting a non-sequitur form of appropriation implying that all seemingly relevant conclusions of "material" and "use" are hijacked by the ubiquity of the source and the fetish of the tech. Long stretch, I know.

When seeing "Untitled (After Lucier)" I thought it was a disservice to Lucier, who's original piece, if I remember correctly, was about Lucier finding a way to acoustically blend away his speech impediment... of which he was very self-conscious. I'm not sure what that has to do with the Beatles on Sullivan.
- anonymous 6-09-2007 4:06 am

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