Here are screenshots in IE on a PC. The top one is set at medium text, the bottom one at smaller text. Only the setting "smallest text" (not pictured) shows the logo fitting in the blue area. The text at right is not adjustable for size. That's fine, but note the "secret stash" logo is cut off. The only other thing I noticed, in all browsers, is no space between "Previous" and "Next" in the links at the bottom, when you are perusing the back pages. Also, for some reason, jmb's image appears three times.

Turning now to Firefox on a PC: I notice the default text size is now larger. One major bug I'm getting in Firefox--now, when I try to adjust the text size, my CPU revs up and the browser crashes. I'm guessing you did something to freeze the text size in IE that the more compliant Firefox doesn't like. Below is the default in Firefox. The type size can't be adjusted. jmb's image doesn't appear three times.

- tom moody 9-06-2006 9:53 pm

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