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These posts are either "jump pages" for my weblog or posts-in-process that will eventually appear there. For what it's worth, here's an archive of these random bits. The picture to the left is by a famous comic book artist.

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This is a digitally manipulated image by Hildur Bjarnardottir, an artist living in Iceland. The source image is a traditional lace knit shawl. The picture is printed large on matte paper, mounted on an aluminum panel. According to Bjarnardottir, "since I am using traditional Icelandic shawls [my recent] exhibition earned me a nomination for the DV cultural award in Iceland." This kind of symmetrical, crystalline mirroring comes easily and naturally in the computer, so the success of an image often depends on how exotic the source is. In this case, I would never have guessed Icelandic textiles.

- tom moody 7-31-2002 6:58 pm [link] [add a comment]