Selected Critical Writing by Tom Moody

Curriculum Vitae [click here]

Selected writing for print publications

"Paradise/Paradox," Sculpture, March 2004, pp 71-72 [image and text]

"Palo Alto Dreamin': Towards a New Digital Expression(ism)," Art Papers, November/December 2001, pp 20-24 [images and text]

"Compression" at Feigen Contemporary, Art Papers, May/June 2001 [text]

noto (Carsten Nicolai): "The Trouble Is (Not) With Your Set" VERY No. 8, October 2000 [image and text]

Michael Rodriguez, Miami-Dade Community College, catalog essay, June/July 2000 [images and text]

"Secondary Structures": Rachel Harrison, Ross Knight, Michael Phelan, Sculpture Magazine, June 2000 [PDF] [text] [link]

"Laura Parnes and Sue de Beer: Double Your Transgression, Double Your Fun," VERY, Fall 1999 [link]

Nina Katchadourian at Debs & Co., New York, NY Artforum, Summer 1999 [image and text]

Ross Knight at Team Gallery, New York, NY Artforum, April 1999 [image and text]

"Thread" exhibition catalog, Cristinerose Gallery, New York, NY, September 4 - October 4, 1997 [images and text]

Barbara Gallucci at Lauren Wittels, New York, NY, Artforum, October 1996 (excerpt) [link]

Drew Dominick at Jose Freire, New York, NY, New Art Examiner, February 1996 [images and text]

Ange Leccia at Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Artforum, January 1993 [link]

Web-only (self-published)

"One Hour Photo: Portrait of an Artist," 2002 [image and text]

"Video Games and Contemporary Sculpture," 2002 [images and text]


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Doris Piserchia (with Joanna Pataki) [click here]

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