So Iíve got this cat here. Polly the cat. Iím putting her up while Ruth & Nicholas are in Germany. Seems their other cats donít tolerate her, but sheís been a model citizen here. We had cats when I was a kid, and I had my own, Kitty, for 17 years. She died four years ago, and Iíve been petless since. Itís good to have a cat around. This one is really sweet, with an even temperament. She does all those cat things: chases a toy; rolls on her back; sits in my lap purring. And sleeps a lot. Itís reassuring to see that cats are the same as ever. Iím not planning on getting one myself just now, (too little time, too little space, too much hair,) but somewhere down the road I see myself with another cat. Not Polly, though. Sheís moving to Montana soon. Canít integrate here, so sheís heading west to the RenHillWallsí. Probably a good deal for her.
My only problem is with her name. Everyone knows Polly is a birdís name; this must be an embarrassment for a cat. So Iíve taken to calling her Poly, as in ďmanyĒ. After all, the cat is a many-lived creature. Having been rescued from the street, sheís got to be on her second life, and heading for a third, so sheís a Polycat for sure. The names sound the same, so sheís not confused, and I hope this distinction will be observed in Montana. Iím sure you guys will love her out there.
Did I mention she sheds and claws the furniture?

- alex 5-22-2002 6:58 am

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