the ringer
the stacks


this is what you play for.

earned it.

for all the marbles.

loser gonna go home.



game 7.

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these are the real college students that should be suspended. male athletes have feelings too!

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HG then vs now


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RIP OJ ded @ 76

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I am stressed out, will explain later months from now, but in the meantime I thought I deserved a NCAA Elite 8 (womans) upclose seat, 3/31.

Sadly not IOWA nor the price to see them, LOVED watching her break the record, a pal watched in person, lucky him.....

My first womans game ever, and my third live big basketball ever....

#1 1970-something Celtics, Larry Bird etc, I think, my pop took me

#2 2012 Blazers vs Lakers, took my asshole biz partner and he said "its better on the TV"

#3 Winners of Gonzaga-Texas vs NC State-Stanford

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new mega sports streaming app launching soon. unclear how much it will actually offer nor how much it will cost.

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guess i sort of knew this was coming. think i recall speculation about disney spinning off espn and selling it to a sportbook but for now we get espnbet

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feminism keeps racking up the big wins.

@nytimes: For the second year in a row, new mothers will be starting the New York City Marathon with lactation tents along the course. Inside the tents, runners will have access to private spaces and hand pumps. t.co/KeioHHEOv1 t.co/xQseYEFuAV

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