really curious what the similar community on reddit was that prompted this pushed post.


big hit on the interwebs that i just stumbled across because i was looking for a photo of a girls (who does voiceover interstitials for a podcast) fiancé. btw, who is familiar with the concept of nepo babies?



PG-13 2 h 7 m 2012........LOVED IT!!

Martha Mitchell

suprisingly facinating.

Foodie shameless

i do hope not to notice daylight savings changes but the three things that have tripped me up this year are

1) clock on stove doesnt adjust automatically

2) champions league soccer games suddenly start at 4 pm instead of 3 pm

3) its fuckin still sunny at 647 pm all of a sudden


bought some english tea bags recently so now amazon is trying to double down by promoting this on my home page.

god blast america!


artist no longer allowed to be slightly weird and creepy with a droll sense of humor

Saw everything, everywhere last night. 4 th row center. I didn't choose the seats. But I couldn't physically watch the movie from that angle. The panavision subtitles required swinging my head back and forth. The strobe effect cinemaphotography rattled me senseless, likewise the machine gunfire editing. Engaging characters but hated the sci-fi timeline and barely there story line. 

b bonino at j sullivan 

wylie pizza

EV Eye

mostly steer clear of the endless clamor over musks twitter takeover though it has died down a little since his tesla investors told him to stfu. still, enjoying this roasting from a former employee who seems comfortable enough financially and infirmed enough not to give two fucks.

the post-apocalyptic hbo show, the last of us, is heading into its final ep next sunday soon to be followed by the recently announced final season of succession. i thought station eleven was a little more interesting but it wasnt a zombie apocalypse so its playing a different game. (did i already write this post?) still, theyve managed to turn a video game, literally, into a compelling drama. whats weird is that people are excited.... ill wait.... that they "went there" meaning reproducing favorite scenes from the video game instead of just using it as fodder to build a completely different story. i guess it is renown for the quality of its story and not just for mashing monsters. anyway, its weird (again) that the actors are being judged on how well they embody a video game character. what im say is people are invested not quite to the level of a marvel character but when they show screen grabs of the game side by side with the tv show, its more than a little.

spoiler alert - the monsters are the other survivors. also, the monsters are the monsters but i guess that is only so compelling after a while unless its, like, a video game or something.

Bored to death. 

made it 30 minutes into the banshees of irish people then i had to take a feckin' break. 

might be my new thing to keep track of – how long can a make it through something before taking a break.

might have to take a break from making a list about things im taking a break from. 

seems kind of pointless.

wow. so pointless i didnt even post it. 

now another break 24 minutes later but if theres no time stamp did it really happen?

has any of it really happened?

and what is it?

RR 381 Lafayette 

tv magic

wont be long before new york turns into one of those cities that goes batshit crazy because it got three inches of snow once every five years.

want to see the research that goes into the five most popular cocktails.... this month! and yeah, sure, a non-alcoholic one is top 5. when did negronis take over the world?

i want to feed into the stereotype that this sort of distinction is why jews made good lawyers but i imagine all religions have this absurd level of specificity. anyway just stumbled on this when someone posted something about an AI Rabbi because AI. i just read and exchange someone generated in AI with Mary I of England.

this pertains to  which prayer to say over bread as opposed to other grain-related offering like cake but the jewiness comes in what i guess are the endless debates over what constitutes what. i am actually familiar with "hamotzee" though honestly cannot recall seeing it in transliteration as it is part of a common prayer that one says before.... i guess eating a sabbath meal. this is not something we would do but it was probably part of breaking bread during any holiday meal celebration. 

Baruch ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha-olam, hamotzi lechem min ha'aretz. Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has brought forth bread from the earth.

If you don’t want censorship from the right, you can’t have it from the left.