NYTimes: "By avoiding originality, In Situ is the most original new restaurant in the country."

Ate at Lilia last night. Wow. Incredible. Super recommended. Go. Right now. Yum.

Brian Eno on the question "What Do You Think About Machines That Think?" (via Kottke)

My untroubled attitude results from my almost absolute faith in the reliability of the vast supercomputer I'm permanently plugged into. It was built with the intelligence of thousands of generations of human minds, and they're still working at it now. All that human intelligence remains alive in the form of the supercomputer of tools, theories, technologies, crafts, sciences, disciplines, customs, rituals, rules-of-thumb, arts, systems of belief, superstitions, work-arounds, and observations that we call Global Civilisation.

Global Civilisation is something we humans created, though none of us really know how. It's out of the individual control of any of us -- a seething synergy of embodied intelligence that we're all plugged into. None of us understands more than a tiny sliver of it, but by and large we aren't paralysed or terrorised by that fact -- we still live in it and make use of it. We feed it problems -- such as "I want some porridge" and it miraculously offers us solutions that we don't really understand. What does that remind you of?

David Chang: The unified theory of deliciousness

MY FIRST BREAKTHROUGH on this idea was with salt. Itís the most basic ingredient, but it can also be hellishly complex. A chef can go crazy figuring out how much salt to add to a dish. But I believe there is an objectively correct amount of salt, and it is rooted in a counterintuitive idea. Normally we think of a balanced dish as being neither too salty nor undersalted. I think thatís wrong. When a dish is perfectly seasoned, it will taste simultaneously like it has too much salt and too little salt. It is fully committed to being both at the same time.

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https://youtu.be/NK1TCMQgE9A Leyenda senior Luis Chacon 'Aspirina' dancing rumba with his sobrina Ismaray (afro cuban dancer legend and his grandaughter)

these are the riches of the poor

hit one perfect ball out of 65.

wally returns

Came to my track today and it's been taken over by the davis cup. Looks like quarter finals us v croatia going to try to get a peek as i walk my trail.

You and Your F*cking Coffee - decidedly not bingeworthy, but they are so short and keep cuing up....

on owning it

weird profile

ron gorchov

Where to eat in Portland. What say the locals?

mr robot season 2 premieres tonight at 9 on usa.... usa.... usa......

4th of July NYC fireworks drone footage:

11 essential roadtrips in the us

My first job in NYC was at NY Central Art Supply, closing this summer.

understanding Krauss

3,000 vintage cook books

high marks for the hbo murder procedural mini-series that begins tonight -- the night of.

super sunday. almost forgot about the soccer game this afternoon with the mens finals at wimbledon this morning. portugal is all yours, skinny.

con ed is running some tests so my power has been off and on for the last few hours. just turned tv on with federer fighting off two match points to stay in the match. in tiebreaker in the 4th.

An income tax mess(i).