stax on max

Heads up skinny 100 rots. On criterion channel

this is what you play for.

earned it.

for all the marbles.

loser gonna go home.



game 7.

this one, well judge for yourself. 

hundreds of beavers


imagine being an oscar winner and one of the most famous actresses of your generation only to end your career 40 years later at sea.

been a long time but the heat is on!


chowed down on heavens gate today. gonna say not the tastiest cut but what big portions! the actual history of events seems more interesting than the elided misrepresentation we were given but, hey, you dont single-handedly (another dubious assertion) end the age of the american auteurist director with a massive bomb without breaking a few eggs. apparently its been reevaluated and elevated over time. id say though its rife with overindulgence its far from a complete failure.

finally got around to wes andersons asteroid city. maybe that says enough. always beautifly constructed and layered, sometimes funny but increasingly inert. even when the characters had the deadpan affect you usually connected to what they were going through. here, not some much. they are just going through.

whats going on here?

and you said the ny times was not a serious publication. no links provided.

Stormy Daniels has often been discussed as the most colorful part of Donald Trump’s criminal trial. But in her court appearances she didn’t look particularly colorful. She looked the opposite, our chief fashion critic writes.

familiar with this one? podcast said it was like american graffiti if it were set in texas which is a generous appraisal based on my quick glimpse.

Aalto Artois

Frank Stella, dead.

Choice was between unfrosted and girls 5 eva and went with the latter

You are Jerry Seinfeld and this is what you come up with as a directorial debut !?

ive been saying this for years, mostly because i could never wrap them properly. 

seemingly it was mentioned elsewhere, but enjoying Franklin on a binge. I'm starting 4 now. 

gaza encampment chic

docu-cultist alert 

Coenties Slip NYC

100 Rot's to me