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The Sight and Sound poll is now a major bellwether of critical opinion on cinema and this year’s edition (its eighth) is the largest ever, with 1,639 participating critics, programmers, curators, archivists and academics each submitting their top ten ballot. What has risen up the ranks? What has fallen? Has 2012’s winner Vertigo held on to its title? Find out below.

BAD Imposters Bill


renting Something In The Dirt......90 RTomo's


I’m excited to share that New Harvest Canada Inc. has absorbed Cellular Agriculture Canada (CAC), the leading cell ag non-profit focused on advancing cellular agriculture up north.

world cup starts in earnest today. wont go into all the qatar bullshit. heres the 538 odds. us plays wales at 2pm est. we will see if rooting for them mimics a knicks/jets fandom aka deathly dull and disappointing.

domino samba

carel visser 


lots of oscar buziness. not completely through it. excellent cate blanchett character study for a type a creative. some underlying plot tension that i havent reached the meat of. not sure if it will matter in the end.

number shows

Judd @ pcva 

#1 trending on twitter is. #RIPTwitter.

musk fired half the staff then gave an ultimatum to the rest to quit w/ 3 month severance or work your ass off indefinitely from back in the office which he also mandated. one post i just read said 75% of the remaining employees are taking the offer. possibly those on work visas cant quit. hence the dire hashtag. everyone acting like the titanic is sinking as they say their goodbyes. feels like its too big to fail but man what a clusterfuck musk unleashed. epic hubris.

Cubism and the Trompe l'Oeil tradition @ the met

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feeling sheepish

really good deal today only on la columbe coffee. they come through with some savings on the regs. 20 bucks for two 12 oz bags. add in the BREW15 coupon code and its $17 or $11.33 per pound. free shipping. good coffee. good selection. good price.


the steak of the nation (hint: rapacious capitialism)

Blazing through both seasons of TMS even though I'm non-plussed by two of the leads. Incidentally RW is doing a bang up job. 

the free speech absolutist hard at work.