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My Install at Western Front, Vancouver BC.


- L.M. 9-19-2014 1:00 am [link] [add a comment]

Part of Wallpapers curated by Nicolas Sassoon, Sara Ludy and Sylvain Sailly and being presented by New Forms Festival, in Vancouver, September 18-21, 2014

Imaprettyspysignal #5 2014 animated gifs (click image for animation)

Additional Love for the project from Animal NY:


And Art F City:


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Imaprettyspysignal #2 2014 animated gifs (click image for animation)

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Imaprettyspysignal #1 2014 animated gifs (click image for animation)

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Popping Pillflowers by Lynne Heller at the Widget Art Gallery curated by Chiara Passa


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GIFs in Megarave-Metarave, 28. August - 16. November 2014 at Kunsthaus Langenthal & WallRiss Fribourg, Switzerland.

Curated by Raffael Dörig.


- L.M. 9-12-2014 10:17 am [link] [add a comment]

GIF free for all curated by A. Bill Miller for CAC.4 – Computer Art Congress – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Ways of Something episode 1 was launched on Animal New York yesterday.


Ways of Something - Episode 1 from Lorna Mills on Vimeo.


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Part 3 of Paddy Johnson's Brief History of Animated GIF Art

Steph Davidson

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