bought some english tea bags recently so now amazon is trying to double down by promoting this on my home page.

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wylie pizza

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want to see the research that goes into the five most popular cocktails.... this month! and yeah, sure, a non-alcoholic one is top 5. when did negronis take over the world?

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new place is tribute to Howie Pyro. Menus looks good. 

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The Restaurant

List 2022

50 places in America we’re most excited about right now.

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havent been back to the corner "luncheonette" in a while. i hestitate to call it a luncheonette as the counter is pretty much non-existent but you can pull up a stool or two to a counter or eat standing in a few spots around the wall. not a lot of space though. i dont want to eat there anyway but worth noting! my few other forays have been uninspired and not wanting to spend much these days ive avoided it but i knew eventually i had to get the breakfast burrito and today was that day. and it pretty much did not disappoint.


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Soy to the world. Phoenix bean, Chicago 

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Portland OR strikes out.......the Pittsburgh place rocks I hear, missed it last tour, lines too long and it was raining

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I’m excited to share that New Harvest Canada Inc. has absorbed Cellular Agriculture Canada (CAC), the leading cell ag non-profit focused on advancing cellular agriculture up north.

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Fried Crunchy Snail photo

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really good deal today only on la columbe coffee. they come through with some savings on the regs. 20 bucks for two 12 oz bags. add in the BREW15 coupon code and its $17 or $11.33 per pound. free shipping. good coffee. good selection. good price.

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i was just like, hmmm, corn bread? i think ive had a bag of corn meal on the shelf for a while. checks expiration date – 2015. was still considering it until i saw the dead bugs.

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