The New Orleans Hornets are expected to become the New Orleans Pelicans, perhaps as early as the 2013-14 season, according to a Yahoo! Sports report.
- dave 12-05-2012 5:03 am

Other than obvious choices like Eagles and Hawks, the best bird name for a sports team was the Atlanta Thrashers, after the state bird Brown Thrasher. It had that air of aggression thatís so popular in todayís sports, without actually referencing any violence; the name derives from ďthrusherĒ because the birdís plumage resembles the unrelated thrush family. Unfortunately, the Thrashers were an ice hockey team, which didnít really work out in Atlanta. Last year they moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where Gyrfalcons would have been fitting, but instead they went with Jets, which also fly, but are not birds. Blue Jays and Cardinals do not convey much threat; Iím still waiting for a team called the Hummingbirds.
- alex 12-06-2012 3:55 pm

Well, there is/are/were the Dixie Hummingbirds. But that's music and a much better fit. Others include, as well as Sheryl Crow. I'm a big Budgie fan. They predate the Python reference to a budgie on me tele.
- bill 12-06-2012 4:27 pm

forgot your penguins and orioles.

heres a list of all the college bird named teams. though i see no mention of my alma mater, the mighty trinity bantams, so id say its likely not comprehensive.
- dave 12-06-2012 4:37 pm

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