- dave 5-21-2013 3:26 am

did you see one in motion? how come team usa all have australian accents?
- linda 5-21-2013 6:01 am

They are nihilists.
- bill 5-21-2013 12:34 pm

omg, i think bill may be the unabomber. who should i call? ghostbusters?
- dave 5-21-2013 2:19 pm

i did not see one. i heard about them on a podcast (of course) after reading about the guy that died during practice when one overturned. apparently they are too fast and unstable. whoever wins the americas cup race gets to design the parameters for the next race. oracle won last time and they designed these boats for speed to appeal to a tv audience. but the safety issue is causing some concern among the nihilists, though more likely among the rabble in the press and the cannon fodder crewmembers.

linda, most austrailians come from pirate stock and make the best seamen.  

- dave 5-21-2013 2:31 pm

- bill 5-21-2013 4:34 pm

come come, bill.

- dave 5-21-2013 4:39 pm

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