could be an interesting day in sport though im not yet convinced i will completely absorbed. the final round of the us open is underway and the network airing it is happy to see one of its most marketable stars clinging to a one stroke advantage atop the leaderboard. no, not tiger who flamed out of contention early. its good ol' phil mickelson who has yet to win the open in career and whose birthday it is for good measure. plenty of weepy encomiums to come should he prevail. mickelson tees off in about an hour. 

and just when you thought there was no more soccer to had til next season (what, noone was thinking that?) eight national teams take centerstage in a warmup tournament of sorts down in brasil prior to their hosting of next summers world cup. among the teams participating are brasil, uruguay, italy, spain and mexico along with japan, nigeria and tahiti. they are the winners of their most recent federation cups (six in all) the host team and the prior world cup victors. this afternoon at three and six on espn are mexico v italy and spain v uruguay respectively.

and the capper tonight is game five of the nba finals between the heat and the spurs. its two a piece so whoever wins will be much better positioned yada yada... looks like an eight o'clock tip off or there abouts. 

- dave 6-16-2013 7:29 pm

didnt watch much golf but whenever i did tune in mickelson missed a makeable putt. he came up one stroke short. not sure but may be his fourth second place finish at the open. no player finished under par. some brit won.

spain as is their wont dominated possession. it was an embarrassing display by uruguay but they still managed a 88th minute goal to make it seem closer than it ever was. still spain should have crushed them but only eked out a 2-1 victory. mexico gave italy more problems by comparison but were nearly equally overmatched. also ended 2-1.

basketball is on in the background at the moment but without my glasses on and the sound off its mostly a blur. maybe by the fourth quarter ill start paying attention during mad men commercials.
- dave 6-17-2013 1:46 am

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