Dave. Quicken loans March Madness retirement fund?
- b. 3-11-2014 3:53 am

We have faith in you. Or 'just do it'.
- b. 3-11-2014 3:55 am

i would have to get all new friends if i won. im not sure i have the energy for that.
- dave 3-11-2014 4:37 am

over before the first round ended.

And as for anybody's hopes of hitting up Warren Buffett for his $1 billion prize in the Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge? Alas, that will not happen. Nobody -- as in no-bo-dy -- still has a perfect bracket after Memphis ousted George Washington before the Round of 64 was even complete.

- dave 3-22-2014 3:03 am

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