already another embarassing wrong decision by the referee in the mexico-cameroon match erasing a beautiful goal by mexico. this time it was a bad call on offsides. there is no reason that on penalty calls like the one yesterday in the brazil-croatia match and this one that a replay system could not be considered. but the soccer bureaucracy is as backwards as the kremlin in its heyday so i wouldnt expect it anytime soon.

big game today at 3pm is the rematch between the two finalists in the 2010 world cup that being spain v. netherlands. the dutch have fallen off a bit in the intervening years but still are plenty talented to upset spain.

- dave 6-13-2014 5:28 pm

my directv feed seems about five seconds behind whatever bar or restaurant has people watching nearby because i can hear them reacting to big moments before they happen. not surprisingly its the mexican restaurant. a mariachi band began playing right after the halftime whistle.

- dave 6-13-2014 5:49 pm

The ref is being kind of a dick with the offsides.
- linda 6-13-2014 6:03 pm

as an offensive minded player and since scoring is so low i always think they should err on the side of offense. though i can understand the difficulty as the linesman has to really be looking in two places at once: when the ball is struck and where the other player that is being passed to is in relation to the defender. as it is an impossibility to see both things simultaneously its really a guess every time.

the second disallowed goal was more problematic only because i am not entirely sure what the rule is. there is no offside on a corner kick. if it strikes an offensive player then offside may be called but that only hit the defensive player in which case i dont think it should be offside. i could be wrong but i think that is correct so that call was seemingly worse than the first.
- dave 6-13-2014 6:32 pm

technically its not the referee that makes those calls but the linesmen.
- dave 6-13-2014 6:33 pm

Yeah, i was questioning an OS on the corner kick. I'm sure the rain doesn't help making these calls. Cameroon coach looked miserable. I always feel bad for losing team.

- linda 6-13-2014 7:21 pm

as i was going to say they were plenty talented upfront with van persie and robben who are both among the best at their positions. with a goal each that has been borne out. i kind of hate robben. he is a flopper and complainer of the first order but quite good outside that.
- dave 6-13-2014 9:15 pm

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