wtf pepe! he shouldn't have been on this team with his history. estupido!
- linda 6-16-2014 8:17 pm

so pepe! is not as fun to say?

you are really becoming a soccer fan if you are learning to hate pepe, or at least youd make a fine barcelona fan as he has embodied whats not to like about real madrid since ive been watching these past four years. its not just that he is willing to play dirty but he also will feign injury with the best of them. so it is high comedy to see him complain. that said muller is probably the worst german player (among the elites) at exaggerating injuries. so it was a perfect storm of awfulness. i actually didnt think it merited a red card, but again, you can scream at a guy to stop acting like a pussy without making head to head contact (i wouldnt quite call what he did a headbutt). thats what got him the red.

i dont think portugal would likely have gotten out of the round of 16 anyway and that it gives the us (and ghana) more hope of escaping the group stage, im all for it.

i also thought the penalty kick was questionable. wasnt a terrible call but had it gone the other way i would have said it was the right decision.


- dave 6-16-2014 10:29 pm

i just screeched like a six year old. looking at the ghanaian players club teams, the weakest players looked to be in the center of their defense and in goal which was immediately exposed. my prediction of 3-1 is still in play though. i wont tell you who i expected to win. hint: not us.
- dave 6-16-2014 11:06 pm

not entirely deserving but they gutted it out.
- dave 6-17-2014 1:01 am

Fun game. Does this mean the US will most likely advance?
- jim 6-17-2014 3:01 am

historically they said that 85% of the teams which win the first match go through but this was the weakest of the us opponents. if they can find a way through portugal on sunday then it is very nearly certain but even a tie might get them through assuming germany beats ghana and they dont get trounced by germany in the final match. that injury to altidore really hurts though.
- dave 6-17-2014 3:37 am

Is there news on the injury today. Is he definitely out for good?
- jim 6-17-2014 1:46 pm

no news but hamstrings usually take a about a month to heal at the earliest and even then the risk of reinjury is high. plus, the player is out of form as they say. i think he is done.

the next game on sunday is in manaus in the rainforest. should be about 90 degrees with 75% humidity. so that along with the injuries and suspension might level the playing field a little bit. also i dont think portugal will press a much as ghana which might give the us more time in possession.

- dave 6-17-2014 6:00 pm

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