fallen off the pace a bit though ive watched parts of every match. had a bad feeling going into the spain game and for whatever reason they just did not completely show up. just really sloppy passing for a team that needs to control the ball in order to wear their opponents down and score the precious few goals that come their way. and the goalie has probably seen the end of his reign as captain come euro 2016, the next big international tournament.

i was impressed with columbia after their initial match and they did not disappoint except for their excessive injury time wasting in an effort to hold out against a very good ivory coast team. outside of that mexico played very well against brasil but continue to have trouble finding the goal. brasil play cameroon in their final match so they should have no trouble advancing which leaves mexico and croatia fighting it out for the final spot in their group. mexico only need a tie to advance.

lastly, the belgians who are everyones dark horse needed to overcome a goal they ceded early to algeria. not completely sold on them but their group is really soft and one they will want to win outright to avoid germany in the next round.

- dave 6-19-2014 8:03 pm

I'd like an app where you could put in a date/time and get stats up until then. For those of us watching after the fact.
- linda 6-20-2014 7:36 pm

meaning you have the games on your dvr so you dont want them spoiled before watching?
- dave 6-20-2014 7:48 pm

- linda 6-20-2014 8:04 pm

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