the big early match today at noon is uruguay v. italy. italy advances with a tie or a win as each team has three points but they lead in goal differential. england plays costa rica in the other early match. costa rica would like to maintain top position in their group so they still have something to play for.

group c leading columbia who have already advanced play japan while greece and ivory coast face off in the other late afternoon match. a number of permutations exist for the final spot but the only certainty is that ivory coast advance with a victory as they have three points while japan and greece only have one.

- dave 6-24-2014 3:57 pm

Thank god for the red card. The Italians are painful to watch.
- jimlouis 6-24-2014 6:19 pm

i cant disagree. not a pretty game. the italians are famously good at sitting back and absorbing pressure while the uruguyans despite their quality upfront havent made many opportunities so im not sure that extra man will help much..... aaaaaand goal.
- dave 6-24-2014 6:40 pm

i had the sound off so i cant tell how much they made of it but it looked like luis suarez dug his teeth into chellini. there wasnt a decisive angle for it. but could lead to a suspension. suarez has bit two players in the past the second of which resulted in a 10 game suspension. he came back from the suspension earlier this season to lead the english premier league in goals. the only headcase in his class is the italian striker balotelli who was pulled after the first half for his petulant antics. really noone to root for in this one.

- dave 6-24-2014 6:59 pm

Definitely a bite attempt. Truly ugly game. And then he holds his teeth as if the Italians shoulder is at fault.
- jimlouis 6-24-2014 7:04 pm

yeah but the announcers even mentioned earlier in the game how much chiellini overreacts to contact so it is no surprise that the referee was unmoved by his protestations.

but that is a classic move when you foul someone to act like you are the aggrieved party. was truly low comedy to see them both rolling around. would love to see a psychological profile of the adult under duress whose impulse is to bite like an toddler.
- dave 6-24-2014 7:16 pm

bite marks

- dave 6-24-2014 8:19 pm

Obviously we have more than our share of egregious sports behavior, the spikes up slide and pitchers throwing 90 mph projectiles at the opponents head in baseball, eye gouging in basketball and pretty much all of defensive football but that biting thing just gives me the willies. And a serial biter no less. At least one of those past bites they've been showing was like horror movie scary. I'm going to have to watch Japan/Colombia just to get the, that's right, taste of that Italy/Uruguay game out of my mouth.
- jimlouis 6-24-2014 8:39 pm

Good clean sport in both the 4 o'clock games. Am still determined not to actually read the rules. Cannot get from observation though what causes free kick with line of defenders in front of goal and the free kick with just kicker versus goalie.
- jimlouis 6-24-2014 9:41 pm

kicker versus goalie is a foul that occurs inside the box. that is the only situation that creates a penalty kick. otherwise they are considered free kicks with defenders at what is supposed to be 10 yards. it kind of annoys me that the 10 yards is paced out. youd think at this point they could come up with some technology short of a tape measure to ensure the exact distance. the foam is an upgrade to dissuade players from edging forward. this is its first usage in the world cup.
- dave 6-24-2014 10:44 pm

Ok thanks. I guess someone may be watching on delay so I won't express my disappointment over the most recent penalty kick.
- jimlouis 6-24-2014 10:57 pm

disappointed over the result or the call? i thought it was the right call after a couple of viewings. i would have liked to see the other team prevail though.
- dave 6-24-2014 11:02 pm

Yes on the other team
- jimlouis 6-25-2014 12:06 am

Are you watching the ESPN 30/30 The Two Escobars? Most Awesome.
- jimlouis 6-25-2014 12:10 am

i was gonna recommend that when i saw it was on. i watched it when it originally aired.
- dave 6-25-2014 1:08 am

biting a dead horse (gif)
- dave 6-25-2014 3:08 pm

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